Zizwe DSD (Pty) Ltd (Zizwe) is a provider of energy, engineering and construction projects and services and has been in existence to date. Zizwe has grown from a concern with one client, approximately 16 years ago, to one which has multiple clients at present. Clients on the books of Zizwe (todate) number in the order of 16. In brief, as part of its portfolio of services Zizwe offers, inter alia, the following: Renewable Energy Design, Construction and Maintenence Services; Electrification Design, Construction and Maintenance Services; Substation Design, Construction and Maintenance Services; High Voltage Line Design; Meter Interruptions and Reinstatements; Installation and Maintenance of Street Lighting; Installation and Maintenance of Aerial Bundle Cabling; and Project Management Services. Zizwe is committed to the advancement of South Africa and is thus pro-actively striving towards a development programme, which will benefit all South Africans, especially historically disadvantaged individuals..


To become the leading and preferred provider of engineering and construction projects and service in South Africa.


Employees are our most valuable asset;
Safety, performance and innovation is at the core of our delivery; We strive for excellence in all we do; We value honesty and integrity; We accept responsibility and accountability in everything we do


Ours is a growing organisation that provides engineering and construction projects and services to the South African market.


The Directors and Executive Leadership (of Zizwe) have approved the following objectives and policy decisions:

Zizwe strives to employ and develop personnel from all racial and gender groups, particularly those who have been historically marginalised.

As a principle, Zizwe always ensures general labour for all projects is sourced from the local workforce.

The Company will offer shareholding to women and the disabled either per project or by offering an opportunity to purchase equity in the company.

Young engineers and technicians from various backgrounds are appointed and trained to be competent professionals in the workplace. Once they have been trained and have proven their expertise and competence, these engineers and technicians are encouraged to perform and progress within the company, as would any other aspirant member of staff.

Advancement of employees is based on individual and organisational performance, and must enhance business effectiveness without compromising quality delivery and other established norms.

An agreed percentage, per project, is set aside to fund tuition for potential bursaries within the community where Zizwe has secured work. Bursaries awarded are dependent on the applicants meeting the requirements of selection. Zizwe does not compromise on quality of services and products offered to its clients.


The Executive Directors at Zizwe DSD (PTY) Ltd (ZIzwe) are Ms Fadiela Ryan, a Coloured South African female and Mr.Brian Sydney Johnson, a Coloured South African male. Ms Fadiela Ryan holds 51% of the shares, while Mr Brian Sydney Johnson holds the remainng 49%.

Zizwe is lead by an experienced and dynamic management team which operates an effective business and strives to stay abreast of changing technologies, trends and market forces.

Zizwe has an 8 EPPE CIBD grading, which means Zizwe is recorgnised as having the capability to perform construction projects beyond the R 130 million threshold. Zizwe also has a 5CE CIDB grading and is a Level 2 B-BBEE contributor. Zizwe has ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 Certification from Intertek/Moody. The Eskom Vendor Number for Zizwe is 11083397.